Service Request Guarantee

    416 On Broadway Apartments Express Service Guarantee

    We guarantee that all routine apartment maintenance requests will be completed within two business days (Monday-Friday).

    If We’re Late Fulfilling Your Service Request, We’ll Reward You!

    That’s right! If we’re late providing routine service, we’ll compensate you for the inconvenience. Here’s how our Express Service Guarantee works:

    • Submit your routine apartment maintenance request
    • Please allow two business days (Monday-Friday) for us to fulfill your request
    • If we are late addressing your routine request, please write* to us. This will inform us that we did not fulfill our obligation in the promised time
    • Once we confirm that we were late, we’ll gladly compensate you with FREE RENT (excluding all additional fees and charges) for each full day after we receive your written notice and until the request is resolved.
    • *Please Note: An oral request can be made for emergencies. Disabled residents can submit an oral request to a staff member who will fill out the request form for them.

      Routine Service Requests

      What exactly is considered a routine service request? Routine service requests are non-emergency issues that do not require immediate attention. They are apartment maintenance requests that can be handled during normal business hours. Some examples of Routine Service Requests include issues with:

      • Water heaters
      • Interior Light Switches and Outlets
      • Refrigerators Ranges
      • Dishwashers
      • Garbage Disposals
      • Drains
      • Leaking plumbing or pipes
      • Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors
      • Washers and Dryers HVAC units
      • Locks

        Express Service Guarantee Details

        Before our Express Service Guarantee can be confirmed and processed, there are certain requirements that must be met by the tenant:

        • You must provide us with your permission to enter your apartment at the time of your request
        • You cannot deny our access to your apartment afterwards if follow-up work is required
        • Your apartment must be in good condition according to the terms of your lease
        • You must be a resident in good standing with no unpaid delinquencies

        There are also instances when the guarantee cannot be applied. These instances include:

        • The guarantee does not apply if you have caused any damage or abuse to the premises that resulted in the service request
        • The guarantee cannot be applied if we need to contract with a third-party provider to address the issue and/or if we don’t have the necessary parts in stock to fix the issue.
        • The guarantee is automatically suspended during inclement weather

          More Great Benefits at 416 On Broadway!

          Our Express Service Guarantee is just one of the many great benefits we offer our residents! You’ll also enjoy roomy and comfortable floor plans and highly desirable in-unit and community amenities. Plus, our ideal location in Glendale between Burbank and Pasadena is only 10 miles north of Los Angeles! To learn more about our apartments and our Express Service Guarantee, please contact our leasing office today.

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